* Top quality materials
* New technology
* High durability
* Modern design
* Art of Equipping Office and Residental Space

Company Wallpaper d.o.o, (Limited Liability Company) Belgrade has been established in 2008 as an heir of company Preta a.d. (Joint Stock Company) Novi Sad with 20 years long tradition in wallpapers's manufacturing. The manufacture is located in Kać, close to Novi Sad, in an extremly convenient location, near the highway, with all necessary infrastructure.

Wallpaper today represents one of the most important manufacturers of decorative wall papers, boasting satisfied customers and clients throughout the Balkan region.

In its produciton program, Wallpaper has more thah 100 wallpaper designs, made of the top quality import raw materials. Wallpapers made of paper in anline printing follow global design and color scheme trends. The latest flexographic technology provides them with top quality, meeting EU standards. Manufacturing and dyeing process has three phases, securing quality wall papers with fast colors which do not fade, resistant to physical defects.

Wallpaper company products' assortment represents a vision of home and office space for 21st century. The focus is on futuristic design , simultaneously using traditional simple forms and securing high quality wallpapers. Each desighn has been carefully selected to highlight the wall surface, and to simultaneously give a sense of originality and simplicity. The top quality wallpapers are intended for all interior styles, from office space to warm homes and apartments.
We offer 6 special collections, which have been adapted regarding their colors and designs to modern buyer’s need. Very modern, flower and geometric patterns and fine modern structures are especially convenient for equipping apartments and hotels. Pastel colors and modern designs represent an offer for equipping apartments and office spaces. A special collection of wallpapers is intended for equipping hotels, restaurants, boutiques, apartments and office spaces.
Alongside the standard offer from catalogue, there is an opportunity for create design tailor made to clients wish.

Wall-paper 8 doo (Limited Liability Company)
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